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The Client Attraction ™ Work—A—Thon is a Get-Sh*t-Done Group Intensive

Our Intensives last anywhere from 1 to 5 days and are designed to get your half-finished projects COMPLETED! 

During these events you'll get unlimited micro coaching support from me in a secret FB group.
Each Work—A—Thon is facilitated via LIVE Zoom video calls and email lessons.

Calls will be recorded for you so you can play / pause at your own pace.
Each Work—A—Thon is limited to a small group of people. 

Zoom calls will be recorded in case you can't make it: watch at your own pace.

You need 2-4 hours each day to bring an intensive to completion. 

If you want to go slower, you can do that, too.

You'll get access to scripts, templates and watch-over-my-shoulder videos to help you go from overwhelm to completion—step by step. 

We'll work together as a unit to help you complete your objective and make bank.

I purposely keep the groups small so that I can fully support you to complete your mission.

You get feedback from the group as well as my support during each intensive.

Upcoming Work—A—Thons...

December 2018—Write Your Warp Speed Sales Page (5 Days): Get ready to sell your offer with a persuasive, magnetic message that is in alignment with your values.

Your investment: USD $298
Maximum shuttle seats: 10

January 2019Unblah Your About Page (3 Days): Put your About Page centre stage and turn lookers into leads with your irresistible new About Page. Includes your 3rd person BIO.

Your investment: USD $128
Maximum access passes: 30

February 2019Write & Automate Your Client Email Onboarding Sequence (4 Days): Simplify the way you work by creating a powerful, personalised email sequence that greets new customers / clients at the door and makes them feel loved and appreciated. 

Your investment: USD $198
Maximum VIP seats: 20

March 2019—Create a Mini Course (3 Days): The 3-day mini course that helps you systematically sell out your paid programs, without having to troll the Internet for answers or wasting weeks drowning in overwhelm and confusion… using the 3-Step Creation Blueprint™.

Your investment: USD $128
Maximum VIP seats: 30

April 2019—Build Your Quick Cash Sales Funnel (4 Days): Get my proven sales funnel strategy that cashed USD $2,558 in 20 days! If you're dreaming about doing big ass launches that pay you $100K+ in 30 days, you need to start with the basics. Learn how to put together quick cash sales funnels; they're easy to create, generate fast cash and help you scale your business faster. 
​You can take the first step today!

Your investment: USD ​$238
Maximum VIP seats: 10

Interested in a privately facilitated Work—A—Thon?

Send an email to transformation (AT) clientattractionalchemy.com and let us know what you've got in mind.

It would be helpful if you can give us an estimate for your group size and the RESULT / OUTCOME you want for the group Work—A—Thon.

Once we have that information we'll be in touch with a quote to facilitate your private Work—A—Thon.