You Are Multi-Passionate, Driven & Committed to Building Your Empire!

But somewhere... in between launching your business and achieving the FREEDOM you desire, you've gotten lost.

You've got clients... money is coming in.
But you're stuck in the daily grind.
battling with feast & famine income cycles.
the Inconsistency is Affecting Your Health & Happiness.
You're exhausted! Sick of the Push & grind.
Despite Working Hard to scale your business (Beyond 6 or 7 figures) nothing has given you the breakthrough you want.

And since you don't know better, you continue doing what you've done, hoping to eventually find the secret sauce. (Yeah that one.)

As a small to mid-size business, your days are spent neck deep in tasks like admin, content creation, marketing and sales, without SEEING a return on your TIME investment.

You may be paid reasonably well for your skills, but the money COULD be better and if you're brutally honest with yourself you have NO IDEA which of your marketing strategies are working.


You're drowning in overwhelm and frustration. 

(It sucks, because you've put so much effort into it all!)

The TRUTH is, you’re making it too hard on yourself!

You’re so caught up working IN your business that your mind is physically at capacity.

And it's starting to affect your work and health.

You want someone who can step into your business (with fresh eyes), and help you understand what is going on.

You crave clarity. You're super committed to accelerating momentum. But you don't know how to stop being a slave to time.

Because THAT time you're wasting on trial & error... it is costing you hundreds of thousands of dollars in missed profits!

And you know it!

You started a business because you wanted FREEDOM, to escape from the drudgery of working 9-5.

Yet here you are... showing up every day and working way too hard. To be honest...

You're at breaking point because you DON'T have a business

What you have right now is a glorified job, and unless you change WHAT you do each day, your situation will never change.

I’m here to tell you that…

If you continue like this... without changing your approach, NOTHING will change for you. 

The definition of insanity is to keep doing the same things over and over and expecting different results.

It's time to have #irresistibleimpact.

Be the leader. Manifest your freedom!

Learn how to manage and control your time like a natural-born leader. 

I can help you do that! 

I can help you:

Optimise your messaging & offer;

Create an irresistible client attraction funnel; and

Show you how to systemise and scale your business.

Your freedom and happiness is at stake!
Are you ready to stop the hustle and grind?
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Hi, I’m Monika Mundell aka Nika.

I’m the Business Alchemist ™ & Client Accelerator ™ Partner for high-vibe entrepreneurs who want MORE time freedom, clients, money and impact!

… And enjoy all of the above without having to compromise their integrity and values.

I’m also a best-selling author, retreat facilitator, speaker and wife.

From baking cupcakes to location independence.

Before I discovered my easy genius (copywriting, consulting and strategy), I was a professional chef for 22 years (yep, I was trained by the star chefs of the 80s).

I started my business because I wanted FREEDOM, and there was no way I could ever get THAT working for a boss. 

Since 2004 I have helped thousands of entrepreneurs ignite their momentum, boost profits and design the business they love, to live the life they deserve + desire. If you're stuck, I'm confident that I can help you, too.